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he Friends of The Almanack (FOTA) Membership Program offers you the special opportunity to get to know the second oldest almanac in the United States and discover why it has become so endearing to so many for so long.  You can now become a FOTA today and get The Hagerstown Town and Country Almanack immediately at an unbelievably low price and as a continuing ‘Friend’, enjoy many other ‘Friends-only’ privileges that will save you time and money.


All About The Program

For only $15, 'Friends of The Almanack' members will not only receive a hard copy of the current edition, be granted immediate online access to the current digital edition of The Hagerstown Town and Country Almanack and will also 1) have access to past editions, 2) receive The Almanack's monthly newsletter, and 3) BE GRANTED ACCESS TO THE NEXT YEAR’S DIGITAL EDITION! That’s right. During your membership, you will have access the following year's edition as well. That's a $24 value for a little more than $1 a month! Go to Order Now! and register today!

All About The Value

Today, it is ALL about the value! For the single price of $15, FOTA members will save almost 40% over the mail-order price of 3 almanacs (two years of digital access and one hard copy)!

All About The Process

Registered members will be assigned a member id (member’s email ID) and will able to create their own passwords. Membership fee(s) will be securely paid through PayPal*. After payment transaction is completed, members will be notified via a welcome email, be given an FOTA Member ID, and will be assigned a password. Once verified and profile information is updated, member will be then be directed to log in from The Almanack's home page and have immediate access to the FOTA Members Options page. From there, they can access The Hagerstown Town and Country Almanack Monthly Newsletter, and view the current and past digital versions of The Almanack. Prior to the end of the annual membership, FOTA members will be notified via email to renew their subscription at the Order Now! page on The Almanack's website. Assigned user ID and password will be maintained.

*all orders placed on (i.e. on-line credit card transactions) are administered by PayPal. All FOTA members profile information will be treated as confidential and will never be sold to a 3rd party by The Almanack or DH Web, Inc.