Hints for the Homeowner

f a layer of salt is spread on the window sill underneath the sash, windows will not freeze at the bottom.  The salt should be renewed from time to time. 
-Reprinted from The Almanack of 1919
To remove a stubborn grease stain from wallpaper, apply liquid starch from a push button container to the spot and let dry.  A few applications may be necessary if the spot is serious.  
 -From The Almanack of 1969


You don’t need a ladder to find out if your gutters need cleaning.  Attach a hand mirror to the end of a long PVC pipe. Cut the pipe at a 60-degree angle so the mirror reflects an inside view of the gutter.
And if the gutters do need cleaning, you still don’t need that ladder.  Simply attach a length of PVC pipe with the same diameter as your lawn blower to its end.  Position a PVC elbow at other end so you can angle it into the gutter for a thorough cleaning.
Use a bobby pin to mark the loose end of roll of tape, and never struggle to locate it ever again!
Empty soda or beer six-pack cartons are useful for storing and transporting items like spray paint, lubricants, and caulk. 
Synthetic wine corks are great for sealing partially used tubes of tile caulk. Drill a 5/16-inch hole into the cork about 1 inch deep. The cork will fit perfectly to make an airtight seal.
To keep your square or rule from sliding on slick material when trying to mark with it, 
vinyl picture-frame bumpers on the back. This
holds the square securely in place while a line can be drawn a pencil. 


Before starting that painting project, coat your face and bare arms with moisturizer lotion. When you’re done, splatters will wash off effortlessly
No need to mess up a brush to fix a ‘wall wound’. Just dip an old washcloth in the paint and throw it away when you’re done. A washcloth leaves the same texture as a paint roller, so your repair will blend nicely.
Us a hair dryer to soften the adhesive under tape used to protect trim when painting walls Works to remove stubborn bumper stickers too. 
Here is how you can paint a door without waiting for one side to dry before flipping it over. Drive one lag screw into the center of the top edge and two near the bottom corners. Set the door (screws) on sawhorses, paint one side, then lift the door using the two lag screws at the one end, pivot
the door on the single lag screw at the other end to  flip it over.  Secure and then paint the other side. 
To keep those light switches visible in the dark, dab a small amount of glow-in-the-dark paint on the end of the switch and end groping for that switch forever!
For quick, thorough mixing of two-part epoxy without any mess, put the components in a bag and knead them together. Then, cut one of the lower corners of the bag to easily apply the mixture where needed.  
Placing a pinch of mounting putty (that sticky stuff used to hang posters) on each of the lower corners of a picture or mirror will prevent them from tilting without harming walls.
Stop fumbling for your house key in the dark when it is on a ring with many other similar-looking keys by drilling a second key ring hole near the edge of your house key.  It will now stand out from the others.
Every denomination of US paper currency is 6.14 in. long. Just remember that a US bill s about 6 in. long and you’ll always have an approximate measuring tool in your wallet.