Aunt Lydia Predicts The Sex Of Your Next Child!


nce again, The Almanack is proud to offer its readers the opportunity to let our own Aunt Lydia predict the sex of their next child. As many of our faithful readers will remember, back in 1962, The Almanack discovered her and ran a feature story on the amazing forecasting ability of Miss Lydia Cline, a retired practical nurse who lived in and around Hagerstown. With this "special formula”, Aunt Lydia (as she became known) was able to predict the sex of expected offspring of anyone with an uncanny accuracy.

Though Miss Cline passed away in 1973, The Almanack still receives many requests addressed to her asking for her services. While we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the predictions, be assured that Aunt Lydia and her method maintain an accuracy of over 80%!

Here's an example of just how Aunt Lydia's formula works. Say, for instance, your last child was born in 1973 on the first day of January; the birth sign under which the child was born would be Sagittarius, the Archer. As the sign did not change but remained the same for the following day, the 2nd, that year, there would be no change in the sex of your next child. If, however, the child had been born January second, it would still have been born under the sign of Sagittarius, but because the following day, the 3rd, the sign changed to Capricorn, the Goat, there would be a change in the sex of the next child. It is very simply. And all you really need is access to past issues of The Almanack for the birth signs of the zodiac for that particular birth date. It is noted that this simple formula does not work with a first child, but only with those following as the prediction is based on whether or not there was a change in signs after the first child’s birth. And remember… it has to have been a natural birth not induced or Caesarian. So, if you know the birthdate of the first child and its gender, drop us a line at:

Aunt Lydia
% The Gruber Almanack, LLC.
47 Old Orchard Road
Mercersburg, Pennsylvania 17236

Please include a self-addressed envelope with $5.00 and our staff will locate the Zodiac information in our back files of The Almanack and mail the results directly to you.