2020 Hagerstown Almanack Now on Sale!





(Mercersburg, PA. August 15, 2019) – The Gruber Almanack, LLC proudly announces that the 2020 edition of J. Gruber’s Hagerstown Town and Country Almanack is now on sale! This popular regional favorite, famous for its 224 years of continuous publication and impressive track record predicting the coming year’s weather, will be available for purchase at grocery, pharmacy, hardware, book and other popular retail stores beginning the week of September 6, 2019. For a complete list of retailers and their locations, visit our website (www.almanack.com) and click on Where to Buy Us. But why wait? Go to www.almanack.com/order, order your copy today, and have it delivered right to your door!

The Hagerstown Town & Country Almanack is an annual publication that has served generations in the Mid-Atlantic Region as the primary source for regional weather predictions and astronomical data. Its highly-accurate weather forecasts (made 14 months in advance) were first calculated using centuries-old methods and now, using sophisticated, highly customized computer software, its annual predictions are even more accurate. Still, The Almanack has maintained its original charm and appeal, providing useful hints and tips for farming and everyday living, articles of interest, and all sorts of traditional and timeless wisdom. It’s been called "uniquely Hagerstown" but is well known throughout the world. Millions of copies have been sold and it has been said that The Almanack has made Hagerstown widely-known throughout the U.S. and that it has given Maryland an ‘epicenter’ of farming and agricultural life.

The Almanack has quite a long history. First published in 1797, it is the second oldest almanac in the United States and THE OLDEST almanac still published by heirs of its founder, John Gruber. It is the 39th oldest company in the United States today and is one of the most talked about almanacs around the nation. News organizations such as The New York Times, USA Today, U.S. News and World Report, and NBC-TV have described the Hagerstown Almanack’s forecasts to be more accurate than most other weather almanacs and at times, even more accurate than the National Weather Service! Throughout its long history, The Almanack has been recognized countless times for its contributions to colonial agrarian society, to our history, and our national pride.    

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