Remnants of Gulf hurricane, heavy rain in the southern part of the region (1,2,3) with hot and humid weather (4,5,6); STORMS (7,8) followed by the 3 H’s – hazy, hot, and humid (9,10,11,12,13); Atlantic hurricane, heavy rain, severe STORMS  (14,15,16,17) turning hot and humid again (18,19,20,21,22). Periods of STORMS, mainly in the south (23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31).  






"The wise man often says little while observing much; the fool observes little while talking a lot” 

                                                                                      John Gruber  (1768-1857) 



t birth we have over 300 bones in our bodies. As we grow older, many of those bones will begin to fuse together and as a result, an adult really only has 206 bones.

     The middle ear is composed of three small bones, and one among them, the stapes, is the smallest bone in the human body.

     No matter what claims are made, copper wrist bracelets do not treat or prevent arthritis.

     If you remove all of the minerals from a human bone by soaking it overnight in a six percent solution of hydrochloric acid, it will become so soft, you could tie it in a knot.   

     80% of the brain is water.

     Your brain sees the world upside down. When the rods and cones of your retina send an image to the brain—say you’re looking at a tree—the image that gets transmitted to the brain is upside down. The brain automatically rotates the image in its visual cortex. Babies learn to do this early on. It’s so automatic, you do not know you’re doing it.

     When we go to sleep and enter the state of REM (Rapid Eye Movement), our bodies become completely paralyzed as areas of the brain that control movement are de-activated.

    According to acupuncturists, there is a point on the head that you can press to control your appetite. It is located in the hollow just in front of the flap of the ear.

     Americans spend an estimated $500 million each year on allergy treatments

     Honey generally has the effect of reducing pain on burns and open wounds.  By applying it directly to the wounded area, you prevent air from reaching the area. Further, it has been shown to reduce scarring due to stimulating skin regrowth.

     Another great side-benefit to using honey to treat burns and cuts is that a bandage used after honey is fully applied to a wounded area won’t stick to the wound when removed.

      Drinking eight glasses of water or other fluid a day is not necessary for good health.

     Today, undertakers report that human bodies do not deteriorate quite as quickly as they used to. Many of them believe that the modern diet contains so many preservatives that prevent the body from decomposing rapidly after death. 

     The only guaranteed weight-loss treatment, which also can reverse diabetes and bring the patient back to normal hypoglycemia, is stomach banding.

     Garlic works well on sore throats, though not necessarily on strep throat. According to a study done recently by the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, eating garlic while suffering from a sore throat will significantly shorten the duration of the soreness.  Furthermore, it was found that eating garlic on a daily basis will significantly reduce your likelihood of contracting a cold and will reduce the number of days you’re sick, if you do get one. 

     Medical researchers contend that no disease ever identified has been completely eradicated.

    The insulin used to treat diabetes in human beings is taken from pigs and sheep. The substance produced in these animals is exactly the same as that found in the human body and has precisely the same sugar stabilizing effect.

     According to the Center for Health Administration, one out of every ten Americans spends one day a year in the Hospital.

     The R sign used today on pharmaceutical prescriptions was originally an astrological sign for the planet Jupiter The use of this sign originated in the Middle Ages, when doctors believed that the planets influenced Health. Jupiter was thought to be the most powerful of all the heavenly bodies in curing disease.   

     The fingernails on the longest fingers grow faster than the fingernails on the shortest fingers. Nobody knows why. The fastest-growing fingernail you have is the middle finger of your dominant hand.

     Heart attacks occur more often on Monday than any other day of the week. This finding comes from a European 10-year study which found Monday’s heart attack death toll is 20% higher than other days of the week. The reasons are not clear, but some people consider it’s the stress of work-reentry that causes the attacks.